The 2EA is typically used for small to medium size counter shutters, storage compartments, cabinet enclosures, or other wall openings up to 8' wide by 8' high. The 2EA can be hand operated or motorized via a tube motor.

The 2EA provides many architecturally appealing options. In addition to the solid slat, it can be slotted to provide visibility or air flow. Once slotted, a polycarbonate insert can be added to keep the visibility while restricting the airflow.


  • Curtain - Constructed using 50mm interlocking extruded aluminium slats. The slats are retained in position using nylon end clips. Slotting options are available.
  • Bottom Rail - Rigid extruded aluminium section.
  • Track - Aluminum extruded track mounts to steel mounting angle which also accepts the head plate above.
  • Roller Drum - A 3" aluminum or 4" steel tube provides a fairly compact roll while reducing deflection.
  • Operation - Doors up to a particular weight can be hand operated while a tube motor provides opening and closing for the larger doors.
  • Locking - Several locking option are available of which the most common are the keyed (typically on the bottom rail) and the shoot bolts (inside or outside).
  • Finish - Most doors are a powder coated or anodized finish. Stock colors tend to be less expensive than special order colors.

Technical Information

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