Dover Roller Shutters Products

Dover Roller Shutters is a designer and manufacturer of custom engineered roll up door products. Whatever your application, we can engineer a solution to suit your needs.

Our standard products can be divided into the following categories:

Commercial Vehicle Doors

  • Dover Roller Shutters manufactures the broadest range of aluminum roll-up door products for commercial and emergency vehicles in the US.
  • We engineer our products to suit specific customer applications.
  • It is our policy to work with our customers to achieve a refined product solution.
  • Unlike our competitors, we will not tell you, "this is our only door and that is what you are going to get". Our aluminum roll-up doors can be used in all types of commercial vehicles including, but not limited to, fire apparatus, emergency vehicles, ambulances, delivery trucks, semi-trailers, delivery vans, lube and maintenance vehicles, service and commercial vehicles.
  • Through our association with Diamond Roll-Up Door we can also provide a variety of sectional roll-up door products in wood or composite panel construction. These products are mainly used for delivery trucks and trailers.
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Architectural Doors

  • Our architectural roll-up door products are also custom designed to suit site specific requirements including aesthetics, operational needs and building construction.
  • Depending on requirements we can provide Curtain materials in aluminium, polycarbonate or steel. This variety of materials ensures a wide selection of architectural looks and features.
  • Anodised, Powder Coated or Wet Spray finishes allows color matching or contrasting to other architectural elements.
  • Our architectural doors can be used in all types of commercial and industrial building applications including (but not limited to) shop fronts, shopping malls, small factory units, vendor booths, food and reception counters, stadiums, general storage rooms, equipment and plant rooms, school and hospital storage and products displays.
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Special Application Doors

  • Our design flexibility has allowed us to become involved in many unusual and complex projects.
  • Our doors have been used in tool boxes, pit carts for race cars, tool and maintenance carts for the military, airplanes, trailers, storage units, point of display cabinets, computer, electronic equipment security, filing cabinets, and so on.
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To discuss your requirements regarding any of our product ranges or your custom needs, please visit our Contact Us page, and call or email the Dover Roller Shutters team.