July 2nd, 2013

Dover Roller Shutter USA installed the new N35 roll up door in a fire/rescue vehicle manufactured by Douglass Truck Body in Bakersfield, California.  The nine doors were installed by the Douglass technician with assistance from a Dover Roller Shutters representative.  Install went smoothly and without incident.

The N35 is Dover Roller Shutter’s newest product designed specifically for the fire and emergency industry.  Dover and its parent company, AM Group, took research of competitor products from Europe, Australia, and the USA and designed a new roll up door that incorporates some of the original Dover characteristics with many new characteristics making the N35 a state of the art, cost effective roll up door for the fire and emergency industry.

These nine doors were the first Dover roll up doors that Douglass Truck Body has ever installed.  The Douglass technician completely and professionally installed all nine doors in one eight hour shift with limited assistance from the Dover representative.  A lot of the new Dover design features were directed at simplifying the design and install process saving the vehicle manufacturer time.

Other improvements incorporated into the N35 are, slat and slat seal design to further limit water and dirt infiltration, simplified product design to reduce manufacturing costs, and reduced weight to reduce total vehicle weight.  Please contact a Dover representative for more information on the new  Dover N35.


July 2nd, 2013

Dover Roller Shutters USA has installed and incorporated a new machining center into their production/manufacturing processes. The new ELUMATEC SBZ122 provides many advantages over the existing machines and processes Dover has used in the past. The new machining center will significantly enhance production time allowing Dover to still provide customer product in their standard two weeks while significantly increasing the number of doors being produced. The machining center will also reduce labor hours per door, improve repeatability, enhance capability, and provide a saferwork environment.

Dover Roller Shutters USA continues to expand venturing into many different markets with April 2013 being a record month. Dover’s new N35 door was specifically designed for the emergency vehicle industry and will become a cost effective and technologically advanced solution to the emergency vehicle manufacturers in the near future. The focus remains on the Work Truck market while entering into the Architectural and Point of Purchase markets. The variety of products, capability to engineer, and corporate knowledge and support enables Dover to venture into almost any application of a roll up door or rolling shutter door.



April 24th, 2013

Dover Roller Shutter USA provided aluminum roll up doors to Morgan Corporation in Brampton, Canada. Dover worked with engineers from Morgan Corporation Headquarters in Morgantown, Pennsylvania to come up with a roll up door for the side of a Morgan box truck designed to deliver medical products in the Toronto area.

The aluminum roll up door provided access to a side compartment containing oxygen bottles and allowed the delivery person to get to the bottle without entering the body from the rear. It also provided easy access in restricted access areas which are often encountered on city streets or parking lots.

This project was a perfect example of Diamond assisting the manufacturer in the best design to fit the purpose. It was a coordinated effort between sales and engineering departments of both companies to provide the end user a perfect product.



March 22nd, 2013

The roll up doors designed for the small cabinets in the news on February 25, 2013 have been put into operation. Dover Roller Shutters USA designed, and provided, the roll up doors for RKO Enterprises new vehicle cabinets. These vehicles are designed for off road and severe terrain operation in a partnership between Polaris and RKO Enterprises. They enable rescue crews to get to places wheeled vehicles cannot get to and is in keeping with the mission of Polaris to provide rescue workers the best units for the job.

Dover’s new double handle lock was used to reduce the risk of brush, or any other type snags, from catching the door/cabinet. The new double handle lock reduces the components on the front of the cabinet. It also reduces the risk of a rescue worker catching their equipment on a typical bar lock. The reduction of components also allows Dover to produce the roller shutter at a reasonable price.

Below are pictures of the new Polaris units. Give Dover Roller Shutters USA a call and we will help you design a roll up door to meet your needs.


March 19th, 2013

Diamond Roll Up Door Inc. exhibited at the 2013 Work Truck Show held in Indianapolis in conjunction with the NTEA Convention. The show floor showcases about 500,000 square feet of Class 1-8 vocational trucks and equipment. It is North America’s largest work truck event and allows end users, manufacturers, and suppliers the opportunity to interact and discuss current and future products. There were both Diamond and Dover Roller Shutters products on several vehicles at the show.

Several new/renewed contacts were made which should be beneficial for both the Diamond and Dover products. Diamond Roll Up Door, Inc. is unique in that it manufactures both the dry freight doors and the aluminum roller shutters providing a “one stop shop” for the truck manufacturers.

With more use of the aluminum roller shutters for special applications Diamond, under the Dover Roller Shutters brand, has the most options to offer to the industry. Dover currently has four different type doors (different slat options) for exterior applications, with multiple bottom rails, numerous locking systems, and face and “behind the wall” installation options. With 3D engineering capability, Diamond’s engineering department will assist you in the design of the perfect product for your end user. The Dover products come in both an anodized or powder coated finish. The powder coat finish provides a much stronger finish than wet paint and allows the door to blend into the vehicle.

Please give Diamond a call and let us easily assist you. Enjoy the pictures from the show.


March 1st, 2013

Dover Roller Shutters USA had the overwhelming presence of roll up doors on vehicles at the 2013 Pumper & Cleaner show in Indianapolis the week of February 25-28. The show is attended by over 4000 septic, sewer and drain businesses has the latest products and technologies in the environmental service industry. It has also grown significantly in recent years, attracting nearly 12,000 environmental service professionals from 46 countries to discuss onsite installation, portable sanitation, sewer cleaning, utility location, etc.

The use of aluminum shutter doors on the service vehicles has significantly increased due to the roll up providing the vehicle owners an easier access to their compartments and, more importantly, safer access to the compartments when the vehicle are on the streets. Dover’s 2EB aluminum shutter door not only provides the easy access and safety, but also meets the demanding environments the vehicles go into everyday. The Dover 2EB shutter door is much stronger than the typical fire vehicle roll up door, is truly sealed on all four sides of the door and between the slats, and has an independent slat seal that does not fall out or get torn apart by the extreme/dirty environments. Dover also provides many different options which were evident at the show. Several lock options were on display with the newest Double Handle Lock on one of larger vehicles.

The above and below pictures are some of the vehicles with the Dover 2EB shutter door.


February 25th, 2013

A cabinet manufacturer has designed a cabinet to accept a small roll up door produced by Dover Roller Shutters. The manufacturer has several applications for the cabinet and has one contract and possibly a second to follow for this design.
Dover used its 2EA slat with new Double Handle lock. The 2EA slat helped reduce weight while the new Double Handle lock reduces the total number of components. With this lock, everything is built in. There is the handle to grab and pull down the door. The keyed lock is in the handle and the inside flippers lock the door down as does the original bar lock. If on a vehicle, the keys can also be matched to other cabinet lock keys. As with any product, the fewer components, the lower the cost. This Double Handle lock has given Dover the capability to provide a very competitively priced door for the application.
Dover Roller Shutters has many options in slats, bottom rails, locks, etc. Let Dover help design the right door for the right application.


February 20th, 2013

The North Carolina Highway Department ordered a prototype vehicle from Taylor Pump and Lift. Dover Roller Shutters provided roll up doors roll up doors for the vehicle. The State of North Carolina has decided to purchase numerous vehicles for their fleet which maintains all the state maintained highway and roads.

The roll up doors provide easier access to the compartments, but more importantly, provide a safer environment to the crews that use the vehicles. By not swinging the doors out into traffic or confined spaces, the work crew can stay closer to the vehicle and out of the way of passing traffic.

North Carolina plans to order vehicles from Taylor Pump and Lift in the very new future with the contract running for nearly a year. Other states will hopefully understand the safety and accessibility implications the roll up doors provide and will convert their new vehicles to roll up doors.



February 20th, 2013

Diamond Roll Up Door, Inc. would like to welcome and introduce our new Engineer, Bryan Courtney. Bryan joined the Diamond team on January 7, 2013 and brings to the company, and group, 3D design and drawing capabilities. He will be establishing and building 3D product archives for both Diamond Roll Up Door, Inc. and Dover Roller Shutters USA as well as any components shared with our parent company, AMGroup. He will assist in the design and implementation of new products Diamond and Dover will be taking to the market in the future. His technical and mechanical background will also be valuable in assisting new and existing customers in their new product design and integration of our roll up door products.
Bryan has experience from Corporate Product Engineering to Operations/Construction Management. He has product design experience with the latest versions of 2D CAD, CATIA, and 3D Solid Works. He is currently attending evening classes in hopes of attaining a Mechanical Engineering degree from
Bowling Green University in the 2014 to 2015 timeframe. Bryan lives in Arlington, Ohio and has four teenage children.

Nyloy 30 Roll-Up Door – Now made in the USA

January 30th, 2012

Dover Rollers Shutters is pleased to announce the original NYLOY30 aluminum roll-up door is now being manufactured in our Upper Sandusky, Ohio plant.

The NYLOY30 door was the original aluminum roll-up door product designed specifically for fire apparatus.  The product was manufactured by Dover Roller Shutters Ltd in England and supplied extensively in the US and Canada for fire departments all over both countries.

The NYLOY30 door being manufactured in Ohio is identical in configuration to the English based products.  We are able to supply all parts and new doors quickly to get the vehicle back on the road.

The NYLOY30 is a robust premium aluminum roll-up door for heavy duty applications.  The Slat is of box section construction and designed to be heavier in tempered aluminum, wall thickness, and a stronger cross section than competitor products.  Unlike competitor products that are designed similar to the window industry, the NYLOY30 will stand the test of time in the harshest environments and operational requirements.  Benefiting from the T-6 aluminum temper, the slat will not ding or mark in normal use.

With our local sales and engineering staff we have the ability to effectively communicate with truck body manufacturers and end users.  This ensures timely sales and engineering responses.  We are also available to call on customers to assist with technical enquiries and installation training.

Local manufacturing has significantly reduced product costs and radically reduced lead times for both doors and replacement parts.  Standard ordered doors are guaranteed to be shipped within two weeks and replacement parts within three days.

For more information on the NYLOY30 product and to obtain a same day quote please call Dover Roller Shutters.